The Afternoon Shift – Oct. 20

T.O. & The Ocho

Two of the NFL’s wilting flowers, Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals, briefly emerged from their shells on Tuesday to discuss who hits harder, the NFL or the NHL.

Their expert opinion might surprise many of those who have been inundated since the NFL’s Sunday, Bloody Sunday with “highlights” of one concussion-inducing hit after another, but it mirrors that of former Grand Rapids Rampage WR/LB Michael Baker.

“The Touchdown Maker” was exposed to his share of hockey when the Griffins and Rampage seasons used to overlap at Van Andel Arena, and he once confided to yours truly that hockey players were “crazy.” Sure, he made catches across the middle and got crushed into the arena football boards, but he readily admitted that both his body and those boards were well padded. The very idea of slamming into another player, unpadded boards or the glass at full skating speed was enough to make even the renowned AFL Ironman wince.

So the next time a Lions receiver gets annihilated by a head-hunting safety, maybe he’ll look on the bright side and be thankful he’s not a Red Wing.

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