The Afternoon Shift – March 3

Ice Brigade star Derek Foltz shares a moment with his icy interpretation of Griff.

Today’s entry isn’t about hockey. But it is about ice, not to mention some friends of the Griffins who will make their national TV debut tonight.

Tune into the Food Network at 10 p.m. for the premiere of “Ice Brigade,” a reality series featuring Grand Rapids-based Ice Sculptures Ltd., a.k.a. the Ice Gurus. The seven-episode series about our local ice sculptors was filmed throughout West Michigan from early fall to mid-January, so it will be a blast to see the people, places and images that are so familiar to us broadcast to the entire nation.

Before you watch, be sure to check out today’s story on MLive.

The Griffins are proud to say “we knew them when.” The Ice Gurus have been involved with our Great Skate Winterfest the last three Januarys, providing ice sculptures and live demonstrations for our two-day fundraiser, while the Griffins have participated in Ice Gurus presentations during ArtPrize the last two years.

Unfortunately, filming for Ice Brigade wrapped up a week before our 2011 Great Skate Winterfest, but we hope to make a future appearance on the show. With a little luck and solid viewership, this will be just the first of many TV seasons for the only folks in town whose on-ice talents compare with those of the Griffins.

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